Reasons and solutions for boyfriend push me away

Jun 18, 19 Reasons and solutions for boyfriend push me away

In all human relationships, everyone may feel like feeling pushed away in a relationship. When a guy and girls are in a relationship they definitely crossover this type of behavior- why he is pushing me?

Sometimes it is not possible to judge a man by the way he behaves. Men usually not so expressive like women. They sometimes never say their problem with their girlfriend or any relationship; they just push the relationship without explaining the reason.

This article is about why my boyfriend pushes me away?

The same relationship doesn’t exist

Sometimes you may feel like your boyfriend is maintaining some distance with you or he leaves you and never cares you. At that time you may feel like your previous relationship between you guys does not exist right now. This may due to he has some other affair or he doesn’t like any of your bad behaviors that he may insist you to change but you didn’t.

When you feel like you are pushed away in a relationship, talk to him, as he is your boyfriend, you have all rights to know about the problems beyond the scenes, talk to him and find the reason for he is pushing you.

He may lose interests

Guys have a relationship with girls mainly for sex then only love. You ask yourself, why your boyfriend pushes me away. Think whether he has shown his harshness towards you directly or indirectly.

Has he said something wrong about your sexual relationship or check whether he loses his sexual interest on you? This may be the main reason that boyfriend pushes you away.

Also, try to find whether he has got a new affair, maybe that is the reason he is feeling pushed away in the relationship.

boyfriend push me away

Sexual Relationship

Guys always need and expect sex from girls; at the same time, they want the women to be gentle and not interested in sex. If you and your boyfriend have a sexual relationship too early, and if you insist him for a frequent relationship, he may think of what kind of women you are. This may be the reason for feeling pushed away in a relationship.

When the guy gets the sex too early, he leaves the girl too early, as he gets bored with the same girl, as his intention is only to have sex than sharing life.  If he is keeping pushing you away just because of sex, never chase him. He is not worth to be your life partner.

When you man never treats you in a deserve manner, just say goodbye and get last.