Guest Blog Post: New Technologies in Local Television are Today’s Bridge to Future Customers

13 Jan

By G??????????uest Blogger: Steve Lanzano, President & CEO, TVB

Much like modern automobiles, technology has fundamentally changed how a modern television station performs.  Today’s TV station is not only local, it’s also social and it’s mobile.  The credits never roll, the power doesn’t go off.

Today’s consumer expects an on-demand connection to what they want when they want it.  Local broadcasters have responded with an entire fleet of digital assets that keeps the information superhighway flowing.
It comes down to SoLoMo.  (Social, Local, Mobile)

Today’s TV Station is Social. 

Communications between stations and viewers are a two-way street in every local market.  Viewers participate in their local news broadcasts, submitting pictures and video, joining the conversation with the station.  These viewers, in turn, connect to the news teams on an emotional level.  According to a Magid study, 61% of their respondents called local TV broadcasters the “most important source” of information in their community.

Today’s TV Station is Local

At its heart, a TV station is there to serve its community.  The local connection to a community is undeniable.  It is in the DNA.

To viewers, Local TV Broadcasters keep them connected to their world.  In times of crisis, TV stations save lives with critical information that only a local presence can understand and communicate.

Today’s TV Station is Mobile

Today’s living room has extended.  People take their local stations with them on their smartphones and tablets, and stations are responding by investing in a system that allows their content to be picked up by their devices.  This signal is free, over-the-air, and has no impact upon data plans.

Today’s television environment is a much more direct relationship between the station and viewer than it’s ever been.  There’s never been a more effective way to target your customers than today’s local broadcast television.

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