Social Media Questions Answered!

7 Jan

According to the most recent statistics from Pew Internet Research, 72% of Americans are using social media, but is your dealership? With all of the tasks that we are charged with in a day, it’s easy for social media to fall to the bottom of the to do list.  And even when it is a priority, there are so many changes taking place that it can be quite difficult to keep up with everything.scz

That said, social media could be a key player in the marketing of any dealership.   It can help the dealership connect to their community and support other businesses. It can be a great tool for listening to the needs of current customers and prospective buyers. It can be a great way to promote new vehicles and deals and it can help to tap into the passion that people have for cars.

If you are using social media and need some advice on taking it to the next level or are a struggling with getting started, we can help.  Make sure to visit the Social Connection Zone located at booth 3601 (right next to the NADA Pavilion) and get your questions answered.  This educational booth is designed to offer sessions and answered your one-on-one questions.  Whether it’s social media strategy to mobile apps, the Social Connection Zone is the place for answers.

Written by: Jessica Levin, Seven Degrees Communications, LLC

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