Guest Blog Post: How a $3,200 Cross-Promotion Returned 21% Sales and 8% Service Lifts

2 Jan

By GuesHendry, Cherilt Blogger – Cheril Hendry, Brandtailers, Irvine, CA

The age old saying, I know 50% of my advertising doesn’t work, I just don’t know which 50%, still exists. In fact, the online world may have increased that 50% to 75%. So what’s a smart dealer to do? What is actually working out there?

Answer: Modern-day Cross-Promotions. Where two or more businesses share a marketing event for mutual gain. No, it’s not just a tactic for the OEM’s. It’s available to every dealer, it has multiple benefits, including immediate sales, and it’s easier than most think.

For instance, did you know many fast food franchisees often look to cross-promote with a local car dealer? A single point Mazda store joined with a local Burger King franchisee and developed one of the most successful sales events in each store’s history. For 45 days every Burger King customer received an entry ticket to win a new Mazda 3. It was placed in their food bag, but that was only a small part of the cross-promotion. There were also point of purchase materials with lease specials, receipt swapping for extra savings at either place, service and sales offers on food tray covers, static window posters on Burger King entry doors, drive-through windows, dealership doors, plus other materials posted throughout the dealership showroom and customer lounge. The event was promoted on both websites, social media pages, mobile sites and via email. Customers in the Mazda store’s service drive even received coupons for free hamburgers, plus the chance to win a new Mazda 3 by visiting Burger King during the event.

At the end of this 45-day cross-promotion Burger King measured a 12% lift in sales that they directly attributed to the cross-promotion. The Mazda store had an 8% lift in service and a 21% lift in sales, verified by customer survey questions and sales data. But, even more important for the Mazda store’s long-term reputation, they aligned themselves with a big brand, and gained positive awareness from over 36,000 unique Burger King customers. The Mazda store’s ROI was phenomenal, especially since the Mazda 3 was insured and Burger King split all printing costs, plus paid for the free burgers offered to service customers. The Mazda store spent a whopping $3,200 for the entire event, and Burger King renewed for a second year. Now that’s a Whopper.

This is one of many great ideas available to dealers today who are willing to investigate cross-promotions as fresh alternatives to that 50% – 75% of advertising they know doesn’t work.

You can attend Cheril Hendry’s NADA Workshop:
Cross-Promotion Events to Drive Immediate Sales
1/24/2014       2:00pm –  3:15pm     Room 206 – 207
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