What? Buy and Sell Cars from an Online Auction? No Way!

16 Dec

Guest Blog PosHadden, Dougt from:
Doug Hadden, ADESA

It’s hard to believe, but I still hear used car managers, GMs and owners tell me they refuse to buy vehicles from an online auction! If it was 1990, I could go with it. The reality is, it’s 2014 and those who still think online acquisitions are something those ‘geek types” do, will be left to sift through the leftovers. I’m not saying there will be an end to the brick and mortar auctions, there will always be a need for those. What I’m saying is, if you want to find the best possible selection of vehicles, the ones that have high retail demand, you better figure out how to make online acquisitions part of your regular buying routine.

There are many dealers that have successfully conquered buying and selling wholesale in the digital realm. It’s not as hard as you may think to set up a “war room” as some of my dealer friend’s have affectionately named the office where they have multiple monitors to bid and buy remotely at live auctions. They also bid and buy on static EBay style auctions day and night!
Is this something you can flip and switch and make happen overnight? No! But all you have to do is sit down and make a plan.

Plan to set aside the time understand the differences between online and in lane. Make a plan to get training and support from your on line auction. Make a plan to set up policy and procedures within your dealership’s wholesale team regarding on line purchases. Plan on making a couple of mistakes on your first purchases (it’s ok, it a learning curve). But most of all, plan on being able to find the cars you need to meet your used vehicle departments retail plan!

Learn more at Doug Hadden’s NADA Workshop:

Digital Whoelsale

1/22/2015      2:00pm – 3:15pm      3005W
1/24/2015      8:30am – 9:45am      3006-3008W

Webinar: Make the Most of Your NADA/ATD Convention Experience

12 Dec

calendarLearn what you need to know, before you go!

Start your 2015 NADA/ATD Convention off right. This webinar will discuss what to expect, how to maximize your time, and how to better utilize tools to help you get the most out of your convention experience. The presenters will explain convention resources such as the mobile app, program directory and social media, as well as help you make educated decisions about which workshops to attend.

Register now and take advantage of this webinar to hear from Convention and Expo planners as they give you an in-depth insider’s look of the Automotive Event of the Year!

Event Details:
Title: Make the Most of Your NADA/ATD Convention Experience
Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Time: 1:00 p.m. ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Click here to register

Everything You Need to Know about #NADA2015

2 Dec

The 2015 NADA Convention & Expo is less than two months away. Did you know that we are in 4 buildings? Did you plan on staying until Sunday so you can hear from excutives at Google, eBay, Facebook and Twitter at our Sunday afternoon Technology Town Halls?

Take a look at this infographic for everything you need to know about #NADA2015.






Ready, Set, Text…Engage the Way Car Buyers Prefer

20 Nov
Pechstein, Scott

Scott Pechstein Autobytel, Inc

Guest Blog Post from:
Scott Pechstein, @autobytel

Technology has changed the way people communicate with each other. Over the decades, communication channels have evolved from the Pony Express, to the postal system, to fax machines and email capabilities. Today, there are myriad ways for people to communicate with each other, including social media.

The most significant communication evolution is mobile, and one-to-one texting leads the way in prevalence. Numerous studies compare the frequency of text messages sent and received versus the number of inbound and outbound phone calls. The younger population represents a staggering 21:1 ratio of text messages to phone calls, yet the 55+ population represents a sizeable 3:1 text-to-call ratio. The bottom line? Consumers of all ages prefer texting.

A key factor contributing to the growth of texting is the growth in smartphone ownership, and the automotive industry is realizing its benefits, with an average 63% of smartphone owners using their device while on a dealership lot. When it comes to lead generation, text leads are arguably more convenient and unobtrusive than traditional web-based leads. Texting offers immediate, convenient, and interactive two-way conversation, while enabling consumers at a competitor’s lot to text you with questions as they “showroom” other stores.

Capitalizing on the popularity of mobile usage and in particular, texting, is a business priority for dealers today. However, texting in a non-compliant manner without proper programs in place that integrate with your CRM tool to store dialogue and manage opt-ins and opt-outs is risky. Hefty fines tied to new TCPA guidelines make it critical for dealers to implement proper techniques that ensure compliance and keep text leads within a CRM environment – not on a salesman’s personal cell phone device.

Texting – the right way – is the best way to engage today’s car buyers. It’s proving to be an excellent communications tool for service customers too.

Learn more at Scott Pechstein NADA Workshop:

Text and Engage with Today’s Changing Consumers

1/22/2015 12:15pm – 1:30pm   3011W
1/23/2015 10:30am – 11:45am  3024W

Need a Hotel Room at the NADA Convention?

14 Nov

Attendee registration for the 2015 NADA Convention & Expo in San Francisco next January is up 16 percent compared to a year ago. As a result, hotel availability in NADA’s block of discounted rooms from Thursday, Jan. 22, to Sunday, Jan. 25, is “extremely” limited.

If you’re still planning to attend the convention and need to book a hotel room, here are a couple of options:

  • After completing registration at http://www.nadaconvention.org, enter your arrival and departure dates during the hotel selection process. If a room is available, book it. If no rooms are available, click here for another booking option.
  • Make a partial reservation. Hotel rooms for Saturday are currently sold out citywide through NADA’s booking agent, but Thursday and Friday may still be available. Separate reservations for Saturday can be booked directly by checking various hotel websites for availability.
  • Call the Housing and Registration Service Center at (800) 974-3084 for assistance at a later date because room availability can often change from cancellations.

The NADA convention will be held at the Moscone Center. Keynote speakers include former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and NADA Chairman Forrest McConnell on Friday, Jan. 23; Jay Leno and NADA Vice Chairman Bill Fox on Saturday, Jan. 24; and inspirational speaker Beck Weathers on Sunday, Jan. 25. Click here for the speaker bios.

Dealers can also meet face-to-face with manufacturer executives at franchise meetings, attend workshops and network with industry colleagues. For more information, visit http://www.nadaconvention.org.

NADA/ATD Convention ‘myNADAplanner’ Now Available

31 Oct

The planning, scheduling and networking tool, myNADAplanner, is now available to dealers and their managers attending the 2015 NADA Convention and Expo. The free online system is designed to help attendees maxplannerlogowebimize their time and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Attendees can use myNADAplanner to schedule workshops, franchise meetings and other events, and connect with exhibitors to locate new products and services.

In early December, the NADA convention mobile app will be available, which works seamlessly with myNADAplanner. The app, available for users of iPhone, iPad and Android devices, will allow attendees to create a schedule, download workshop presentations and handouts, view speaker bios, navigate the convention center and shop the expo floor.

Attendees can access myNADAplanner with the badge ID received in their registration and housing confirmation or by calling (800) 974-3084. Click here to log on to myNADAplanner.

The 2015 NADA convention runs Jan. 22-25 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. For more information and to register, visit www.nadaconvention.org.

Experient is the Official Booking Agent for NADA Convention Hotels

17 Oct

Attendees anOfficial-Housing-Seald exhibitors planning to attend the 2015 NADA Convention & Expo in San Francisco have reported receiving solicitations for hotel reservations from individuals and companies claiming to be affiliated with NADA. Experient is the exclusive agent for hotel reservations at the NADA convention. No other company or individual has been authorized by NADA to make hotel reservations. Experient does not send emails or make phone calls offering to make hotel reservations. Please be extremely cautious of individuals or companies calling or emailing you with hotel reservation offers.

Only Experient offers attendees the best combination of low rates, guaranteed registrations without extra or undisclosed fees and the best selection of hotels. Hotels in San Francisco are filling up quickly. Only 300 rooms remain available in NADA’s hotel block. To register, visit www.nadaconvention.org and reserve your hotel room today. Don’t miss this opportunity to reserve a hotel room with a discounted rate. See you in San Francisco!


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